Who are we?

Hi! My name is Niki, I’m a curious and sensitive person born and based in Buenos Aires Argentina. Rompotodo started as a hobby for me, ceramics gave me a gateway to create and play with my imagination. I started sharing my work online and suddenly people were asking to buy it, I decided to make more pieces and everything evolved into this point where 5 human beings are part of this team!

On October 2021 we moved from our home studio (where my partner and I did all the production) to a rented studio outside my home! Now we have space! A weekly schedule! And we could hire 3 friends to work with us side by side :) yay! I feel very grateful for this and I cherish every day at the studio.

My mission in my lifetime is to heal this world: through cute objects, colors that resonate, and the moments created from them.
Hope you enjoy them as well ♡

∩ ^ω ^∩