Ceramic Cat Cone Incense Burner

$40.00 USD

The Ceramic Cat Incense Holder Set includes:

Ceramic Cat Incense Holder: A beautifully handcrafted ceramic cat with gold details, standing at 14 cm (5.5") tall.

Matching Incense Dish: A coordinating dish designed to securely hold the incense cone.

Introducing our Ceramic Cat Incense Holder Set, a captivating combination of beauty and functionality. Standing at 14 cm (5.5") tall, this 2-piece set features a handcrafted pinkƒ cat with elegant gold details, serving as a unique cone incense holder. Watch as the smoke gracefully emerges from its mouth, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. The set includes a matching dish to securely hold the incense cone. Elevate your space with this artistic and decorative incense burner, perfect for relaxation and a thoughtful gift for cat lovers.

- Hand cast earthenware
- Shiny glaze
- Made to order within 1 week

Worldwide Shipping:

Your Ceramic Cat Incense Holder Set will be carefully packaged and sent using FedEx Priority Service. A tracking number will be provided to you, allowing you to conveniently monitor the progress of your package as it makes its way to your doorstep.